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Last weekend [Mar. 9th, 2009|12:51 am]
I went to St. Louis this weekend with Scott and Graham to partake in the activities that constitute Scott's "bachelor getaway" which included real guns, fake guns, beer, Santana DVX champagne, and lots of unhealthy food.
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The rake. [Feb. 8th, 2009|04:47 pm]
It's funny how so many people who play the stock market don't seem to understand that most gamblers lose.
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Eclipse might be awesome, but I wouldn't know. [Feb. 5th, 2009|03:55 am]

So, I decided to switch to Eclipse from Dreamweaver for web dev. It seemed logical. Eclipse is free and well-supported and has a large number of people developing plugins and projects for it. Dreamweaver is expensive, buggy, and bloated, and it doesn't integrate shit.

I should theoretically be able to use Eclipse to edit and debug and test PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and .net and JSP if it ever comes to that. Furthermore, it has SVN and database integration.

Well, it turns out that developing for Eclipse somehow means you have to make everything obtuse and obfuscated for the end users. I just spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to get Eclipse to connect to my database. Actually, it was spent trying to figure out how to get eclipse to recognize the JDBC driver I downloaded for it. It turns out that you can't remotely access a Yahoo! Small Business database externally anyway, but that's a completely different problem.

I haven't even tried to figure out how project management works on the thing. I do know that I can't simply point it at a local copy of a web site and start working. I did download what looked to be helpful PDF files from IBM developer works, but for some reason, their guide to developing in PHP on Eclipse starts with connecting to an Apache Derby database (their directions for that don't work, either) and setting up Tomcat and then goes into a very involved discussion of how to build a Java application to access that DB and run it in Tomcat.

Who the fuck goes to IBM for their documentation anyway. This is the company who put out the manual for DOS 3.3 on loose-leaf in a canvas-covered 3 ring binder.

The following blog echoes a lot of my sentiment. Eclipse might be fucking great for web dev, but we'll never know because you need to be some sort of crazy old-school/web-school hybrid programmer/developer to know the particular incantations to make Eclipse work for you.


There are, apparently, packages from third parties out there that do the incantations for you, but Eclipse has no excuse for being so impenetrable.
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"I bet it looks crispy in the dark..." [Jan. 26th, 2009|08:33 pm]
I got a sweet new keyboard. I liked my previous Logitech 510 keyboard, but the editor key layout just bugged me when I was coding. Anyway, I'm selling it along with my old computer, so I was in the market for a new board. Logitech just released their "Illuminated Keyboard" and it is pretty awesome. Check it out. Everything I need, nothing I don't, in a tasteful design, with crisp key action.

"I bet it looks crispy in the dark."

Sweet new keyboard
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Ridiculous [Jan. 13th, 2009|02:22 am]
This is ridiculous: Vista can't find the drivers for Microsoft's Xbox 360 wireless receiver for <i>Windows</i> on it's own, with the entirety of the internet at its disposal.

Fuck you, Microsoft.

And fuck you, Comcast, just for good measure.
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Year-end list [Jan. 4th, 2009|08:20 pm]
Best text message (SMS): "So i may have killed someone -Dorsey"

Longest period spent awake: 30 hours

Average alcohol consumption rate: 11.3 drinks/week

Amount of toast made: 2 slices

Miles traveled by airplane: 4000

Number of different scarves worn: 4

Number of times held at claimed gunpoint: 1

Amount of good BBQ eaten: 3 pulled-pork sandwiches

Number of new Optic Nerve comics released: 0

Loads of laundry done: 15
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The #1 rule for people who run popular websites [Dec. 4th, 2008|04:55 am]
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No Intelligence Allowed [Nov. 15th, 2008|07:07 am]
I'm in the middle of watching Expelled, the documentary hosted by Ben Stein that promotes Intelligent Design against evolution.

The straw men and ridiculous imagery are thick and numerous. Nearly every sentence out of Stein's mouth is setting up a straw man, and the ID proponent interviewees knock them down. The segments are interspersed with stock footage of Nazis and Fascists. It fully embraces the propaganda that the Discovery Institute disseminates, including calling evolution "Darwinism".

The thesis of the movie is that Intelligent Design is a valid scientific theory that is so revolutionary that the science establishment is aligned against it. The movie also argues that Intelligent Design is not a religious idea; specifically that it's not Creationism in disguise.

What Expelled never addresses, though, is that a Designer is never a scientific explanation for anything. It states that ID is not a religious idea, but it also states that the Designer is God. I don't understand how anyone who watches this movie can get past this central contradiction.

Now that I'm into the second half of the movie, I notice that it's dropped all pretense of being impartial and gone straight to attacking atheists and "Darwinists" (who, it proposes, are one and the same). There was just a clip of Stalin presiding over a parade. At 1:05:30, it starts outright equating evolution to Nazi Germany. Now Ben Stein is visitinga concentration camp in Germany and equating evolution to eugenics.

Stein just said "I know that Darwinism does not automatically equate to Nazism, but if Darwinism inspired and justified such horrific events in the past, could it be used to rationalize similar initiatives today?" Interesting you say that, considering you just spent the last 10 minutes doing just that.

Now they are saying that "Darwinism" promotes euthanasia and abortion, implying that a resurgence of eugenics is underway, without actually explaining how.
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x vs. y and sometimes z [Nov. 13th, 2008|05:15 am]
Arguments I spent a lot of time in as a kid:
  • PC vs. Mac
  • OS 7-8 vs. Windows 3-95
  • Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter
  • Compuserve vs. AOL vs. Prodigy
  • TI vs. HP (infix vs. reverse Polish)
  • Intel vs. AMD vs. Cyrix
  • Slackware vs. Debian
You know, I can't actually remember which side I was on for MK vs. SF.
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Handwriting and fountain pen geeks [Oct. 20th, 2008|02:22 am]
Are all over youtube doing their painstaking Copperplate writing with impractical tools. Still, it's nice to watch.
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